Events Participation

november, 2021, Madrid - Spain


The workshop organized by Indra brought main players of the defence sector such as the EDA, MCCD, Industrial stakeholders and universities to analyse European Cyber Situational Awareness technologies and the role of ECYSAP within the innovation roadmap. The workshop has been hold in conjunction with the International Defence and Security Exhibition (FEINDEF 2021)

october, 2021, (Online),


Indra has co-chaired the 1st CDT& SECOMANE at the ESORICS 2021 Symposium.

august, 2021, (Online),


Indra has co-chaired the 2nd Workshop on Recent Advances in Cyber Situational Awareness on Military Operations (CSA 2021) at the ARES 2021 Conference.

june 7-25, 2021, (Online),

Airbus CyberSecurity (ACS)

Participation to the exercise with ACS C2LID capability, which will be reworked and extended within ECYSAP.

june, 2021, Paris - Framce,


Cybernetica's CEO took part in panel discussion on the topic of European Innovation Hubs.