European Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

An European operational platform for enabling real-time Cyber Situational Awareness for National/European security and military operations.

European Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

Heading the development real-time view on cyberthreats on Defense ICT along with response capabilities and decision support smart systems.

European Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

Country consortium of skilled representatives from the industry, academia, and SMEs, with strong expertise in the European cyber market.

Liaison Activities

ECYSAP vision is to run liaison initiatives related with the PESCO “The Strategic Command and Control (C2) System for CSDP missions and operations (ESC2)” project. ECYSAP constitute a component of the ESC2 project that was launched and approved by the EU as PESCO project, supported by six counties: Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal and Luxemburg.

ECYSAP seeks to bind with ESC2 by supporting digital capabilities for running various simultaneous operations either independently or in cooperation with NATO, where ECYSAP will provide de cyber operational view.