Concept and approach

The main objective of ECYSAP is to develop and implement of innovative theoretical foundations, methods and research prototypes integrated towards providing a European operational platform for enabling real-time Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA) with rapid-response defensive capabilities and decision-making support for military end-users . An integrated and modular platform for National/European security purposes and military expeditionary operations will be developed, which shall become a real-time defensive system with cyber response capabilities, automated and deployable in areas of operations (National/European) interconnected between intelligent nodes.

Project Highlights

1. ECYSAP will design, implement and validate a toolset of analytical enablers to support risk identification, assessment and project its propagation estimation at both CIS and mission levels. ECYSAP supports the activities engaged in reactive/proactive responses, including the identification, selection, planning and enforcement of Courses of Action (CoAs) at CIS/Mission level, performing also simulations and predictions of the operational environment and CoAs at different time horizons (short-term, mid-term, high-term scopes).

2. ECYSAP will design, develop and validate capabilities facilitating information sharing and reporting at technical or mission level and between both. They will allow to share threat information and impacts on missions, offering user-friendly ways to access relevant and clear information. This will enable stakeholders to share all kinds of information (incidents, threats, risks, impacts, analysis...) and to make decisions in a collaborative and synchronized way according to predefined workflows.

3. ECYSAP platform and its subcomponents' abilities for operating with effectiveness in real operational domain will be corroborated by exhaustive validation tests and demonstrations on real use cases directly supported by compromised EU Member States. The validation activities will be conducted on virtual labs, testbeds, including white/grey/black box scenarios against both automated adversarial actions and read teams.

4. ECYSAP will be carried out with the aim of creating an intrinsically secure platform . To this end, the security by design approach will be adopted across the project lifecycle, which evolution will be documented aiming on facilitating future certification. This approach therefore brings the safety requirements in the design, development and testing phases including the verification of the robustness and safety requirements. Resilience of communication means is a major concern. It will be managed by the integration of audit and self-protection functions and by hardening the ECYSAP system.